"How Much Impact Can Silence Have?" by Chris Jones for Overly Honest Movie Reviews

"This was a substantial and powerful experience, the twist in the film was so shocking and so unexpected that I don’t even feel it’s a spoiler by saying that because you won’t have any idea what it is or when it’s coming."

Slamdance Awards 2023 by Ellise Schaffer for Variety

"We celebrate our winners, and crucially, the overall strength of this year’s program that elevates the art of filmmaking."

Film Review at Horror Fuel by Joseph Perry for

"Writer/director Peter Hoffman Kimball’s short is the kind of film that makes you want to watch it again immediately after learning its revelations, and the top-notch performances, gripping drama, and fine production values make it highly rewatchable."

New Film "Millstone" featured at the Slamdance Film Festival ABC 4 Salt Lake City

"'Millstone' is a dark psychological thriller about a grieving married couple and their therapist. The story is not about the characters being deaf, but they just happen to be deaf, played by deaf actors."

Former Whanganui resident's audacious short set to debut at Slamdance Film Festival by James Croot for Stuff

"Peter Kimball is the man behind an audacious short film debuting at the Utah-based Slamdance Film Festival this week."

Millstone Review by Wendy Schadewald for The Sun This Week

"Deaf actors using American Sign Language (ASL) perform in Peter Hoffman Kimball’s intriguing, poignant, creative, well-written, superbly acted, imaginative, soundless, 16-minute psychological film"

"MILLSTONE starring Daniel Durant from from CODA to premiere at SLAMDANCE" by Navid Nikkah Azad for Deed News

"Kimball... who is the hearing father of a deaf child - has been called one of the leading filmmakers in the new wave of Sign Language Cinema."

"New ASL Short Film Shot In D.C. Features ‘CODA’ Star And Gallaudet Alum Daniel Durant" by Elliot C. Williams for

“What’s important to me about Millstone is that it’s hopefully going the next step and saying, we don’t even need a hearing person in this,” Kimball says. “We don’t need to ground this in the hearing world or in English. This can exist entirely in sign language.”

"A New Short Film is Performed by a Deaf Cast in American Sign Language" by Brent Lang for Brown Alumni Magazine

“I liked the idea of taking a story that has nothing to do with people being deaf, but having it unfold in that world without drawing much attention to it."

"CODA Star Daniel Durant From Duluth Follows up With a Dark Thriller" by Chris Hewitt for Minneapolis StarTribune

"'Millstone' was a lot of fun because it was a totally different character for me to dive into. It was a new experience for me working on a small set and it was intimate," said Durant"